Dr. McCauley working with child patient

What to Expect

  • Dr. McCauley finds the cause of dis-ease and removes it. This allows the body to heal itself.
  • She provides Whole Body Preventative Health Care.
  • She delivers low-force adult and pediatric chiropractic care.
  • She provides world-class follow up care.
  • She offers Computerized Electrodermal Stress Analysis to identify your roadblocks to health.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is chiropractic?

Chiropractic is the identification of nerve interference and elimination of the resultant Vertebral Subluxation Complexes that occur, that reduce your body’s ability to adapt to its environment, all without the use of drugs or surgery!

What is a subluxation?

Dorland’s Medical Dictionary states that a Subluxation is “less than a dislocation”. According to the Latin root words of Subluxation, it means a “loss of light in a location”. I prefer the Latin explanation!

How do subluxations happen?

Our environment is full of the 3 Ts (Thoughts, Toxins and Traumas), not to mention being inundated with EMF from our electronics and wireless technologies. Our bodies are meant to be able to adapt to these challenges. The standard american lifestyle full of stress, poor diet and lack of sleep reduces your body’s ability to adapt by creating nerve interference and subluxation will result.

My child is not in pain, why should they get checked?

Your child’s growth and development may be hindered by nerve interference that has gone unnoticed because it was not producing pain sensations! Pain is a very poor indicator of nerve interference. It makes up only 18% of all possible messages to the brain that let it know the body is not adapting correctly to the 3 Ts (see above). The other 82% are made up of changes in temperature, vibration, sharp vs. dull sensation, etc. These are nerve malfunctions that Dr. McCauley is able to evaluate.

Is chiropractic safe during my pregnancy and for kids?

Absolutely! Dr. McCauley offers only low force techniques (SOT, LB, KST, BEST, Activator, etc.) Perinatal and pediatric chiropractic care is of utmost importance in the healthy growth and development of your family.

My baby is breech, can Dr. McCauley turn my baby?

Dr. McCauley is certified in the Webster technique, a specific chiropractic analysis and diversified adjustment. The goal of the adjustment is to reduce the effects of sacral subluxation / SI joint dysfunction in the mother. In so doing neuro-biomechanical function in the pelvis is improved. Dr. McCauley does not turn babies, that is the practice of obstetrics.

Will I get adjusted on my first visit?

No two first visits are alike! Due to the unpredictable nature of some of our perinatal and pediatric practice members, Dr. McCauley remains flexible and cares for each individual as they are ready for it. Some practice members have special needs requiring a different approach and she is happy to accommodate!

Will I feel better immediately?

Chiropractic is designed to help your body to better adapt to its environment and not to be an expensive pain reliever. Most practice members “feel” great after an adjustment, though there are some whose bodies need to unwind through old chemical, emotional or physical traumas and may take a little longer.

How often do I need to be checked?

Getting checked for nervous system interference and subluxation is different from getting adjusted. Your visit frequency as determined by Dr. McCauley may vary to reflect the amount of care you or your child require. You will not get adjusted if there are no areas of nerve interference / subluxations present. Subluxation based chiropractic care is definitely NOT one size fits all!


A typical expectant mother should get checked for nerve interference and subluxation at least every two weeks until her 36th week. Starting with week 37, Dr. McCauley recommends getting checked weekly until delivery. If the situation permits, Dr. McCauley prefers to check mom when labor begins and as soon after delivery as possible.



A newborn should be checked for nerve interference as soon as possible, postpartum (after birth). Pregnancy can be chemically and emotionally traumatic for mom which can cause nerve interference in her growing baby. Complicated births, where intervention is used, can create the opportunity for chemical, emotional AND physical trauma! Even an uncomplicated birth can be traumatic for the baby and lead to nerve interference creating their first subluxation.


If your child has not met their milestones or has other difficulties with feeding, sleeping or diapering, it’s time to get their nervous system checked for subluxation!


Birth to 2 Months

  • Lifts head
  • Moves both arms and both legs
  • Regards face
  • Startles at loud noises

2 Months

  • Social smile
  • Coos
  • Eyes follow an object past midline
  • Lifts head up 45°

4 Months

  • Regards hand
  • Reaches & grasps
  • Pushes up with arms / Rolls
  • Bears weight on legs
  • Laughs

6 Months

  • Starting to sit / tripod
  • Raking grasp
  • Turns to look at the origin of a voice
  • Says single syllables

9 Months

  • Grasps objects with pincer grasp
  • Combines syllables (mama / dada)
  • Gets to sitting / Pulls to stand
  • Cruises
  • Waves bye-bye

12 Months

  • Cruises / Stands alone / Walks
  • Points
  • Responds to “No”
  • Plays Peek-a-boo
  • Mama / Dada specific
  • 1 – 3 words
  • Block in cup

15 Months

  • Walks alone / backwards
  • Bends & retrieves
  • 3 – 5 words
  • Follows commands
  • Points to named objects

18 Months

  • Spoon/fork use
  • Stacks 2 cubes
  • 5 – 10 words
  • Throws / kicks ball
  • Points to body parts

2 Years

  • Washes & Dries hands
  • Puts on clothes
  • Brushes teeth
  • Combines 2 words
  • Vocabulary is ≥ 50 words
  • Strangers understand 1/2 of their words
  • Names objects
  • Jumps & runs

School Age

We haven’t met a typical child yet! Dr. McCauley will monitor your child based upon his / her changing needs, growth and development.

Does my child need a pediatrician if they are seeing Dr. McCauley?

Dr. McCauley is not a substitute for a pediatrician and can be seen in conjunction with your pediatrician. Chiropractors and pediatricians view the body in different ways. Chiropractors focus on keeping your child healthy and pediatricians focus on managing your child’s illness. You may choose any combination of care that works well for your family.

I have seen other chiropractors; what makes Dr. McCauley different?

Dr. McCauley finds the cause of dis-ease and removes it. This allows the body to heal itself. Our bodies heal themselves at different rates and need tailored care. You are a unique individual and your body may need more or less frequent care may change as time goes on. Dr. McCauley does not diagnose, treat or cure any diseases, she adjusts Vertebral Subluxation Complexes and the spine’s contingent structures to restore the body to proper adaptation.

Can Dr. McCauley write me a prescription?

Dr. McCauley practices chiropractic and not medicine. She has no formal training on pharmaceuticals and cannot give counsel regarding your medications. Dr. McCauley does not write prescriptions.

Does Dr. McCauley treat _______?

You have a genius inside of you called your innate intelligence. This intelligence allows you to heal an injury, release hormones, grow tissue, digest, etc. all at the same time! It is your life force! Your genius is the best doctor for you and comes equipped with a well stocked medicine cabinet perfectly dosed to you. All of this happens through your nervous system. When there is interference within your nervous system, your genius cannot do its job properly. Dr. McCauley locates that nerve interference and eliminates those subluxations, so your body can begin the healing process! She does not diagnose conditions, treat symptoms or cure ailments, she helps your body to do it for you!

What is Vital?

Vital is a computerized electrodermal stress analysis, biofeedback program used by Dr. McCauley. She was trained at Bremen Health Center and Standard Enzyme by naturopath Dr. Jim Hawver. This technology uses acupuncture control points to identify what systems in your body are adapting to your environment vs. what systems are not. The program goes on to pin-point major issues / imbalances that may be hindering your improvement in your health care goals. Vital will create a specific care plan to assist in bringing your body back to a state of adaptability. This is not a substitute for your medical or chiropractic care. Vital is an evaluative tool to help enhance your body’s efforts to heal.

Does the Vital program diagnose, treat and / or cure my ailment?

Vital can identify obstacles in your health that may have otherwise gone unnoticed through traditional healthcare. However, it is not a substitute for medical or chiropractic care. Vital does not attempt to diagnose, treat or cure anything.

Can Dr. McCauley speak to my group?

Dr. McCauley loves to speak to groups! Give the front desk a call at 417-883-1141 and schedule your group today!

What mission work does Dr. McCauley do?

Proceeds from Breath of Life Wellness Center are donated to The Raining Season in Sierra Leone, Africa, to support The Covering children’s center / orphanage. Please check out www.therainingseason.org to learn more about our orphan care programs!

Dr. McCauley with child patient