Chiropractic at Breath of Life

When joints are moved in a chiropractic adjustment, many people think of or expect big sounds (“pops” and “cracks”). There are a lot of excellent chiropractors who perform these type of high force/manual adjustments which tend to make more noise. Manual adjusting uses a high force and a high speed that is specifically placed on the bones of the spine (and other bones in the body) to achieve better motion in the joint and therefore better function.

The doctors at Breath of Life focus on

low force,

low frequency

chiropractic adjustments.

Not a fan of the big “pops” and “cracks”? At Breath of Life we do things a little differently. The doctors at Breath of Life focus on low force, low frequency chiropractic adjustments.

Each adjustment is aimed at correcting misalignments and removing nerve interference so that your body can reach and maintain health, alignment, and adaptability.

Low Force Adjustments

The term “low force” is referring to the amount of force or pressure put into your body to create these adjustments. As chiropractors our most important instrument is our hands. We perform some adjustments by hand with gentle, sustained contact or other low-force methods as part of the SOT technique.

Manual Activator

At Breath of Life we also use a spring-loaded tool called an Activator instrument. The Activator allows us to provide a high speed, but still low force adjustment that is controlled and consistent. The amount of force is adjustable and ranges from 6 to 8 pounds of pressure. This is about 10x less than what is needed in a manual adjustment.

Electronic Activator

These adjustments allow us to be very gentle and specific, which makes for safe and effective chiropractic care.

Low Frequency Adjustments

Because we use low force chiropractic care at Breath of Life, we are also able to provide excellent care at a lower frequency. Instead of requiring visits 3 times a week for 4 weeks, we let your body do its job and assess at each visit. There is a sort of ripple effect that your body can experience after your adjustment. We do our best to get your body adapting, and then leave it alone.

We see our patients once per week at the most frequent. On average, members of our Breath of Life family are seen one time every two to four weeks to maintain their adjustments and for their bodies to feel their best.

Does it still work?

The answer to this question is a resounding, “absolutely!” When we use our low force techniques to make gentle suggestions to your body, we are not forcing the matter. Your body is incredibly smart, and it knows what to do to heal. At Breath of Life, we give your body the encouragement it needs and then let your body do the work to adapt appropriately. This is why low frequency makes sense too. When your body is doing the work, we don’t want to interfere.

Low force, low frequency adjusting is the most gentle and effective way to allow your body to maintain a state of dynamic health – adapting well to the stressors in your life.