Are you taking time to


At Breath of Life, we have created a luxurious and cozy space for aromatherapy and relaxation. Our inhalation room was designed with you in mind to experience individually or with your partner. Enjoy dedicated self-care time with soothing spa sounds and optional guided meditation.

Are you neglecting yourself?

You are too precious to neglect. If we don’t care well for ourselves, how can we care well for others?

All you need is 30 minutes to rest, relax, and reconnect to yourself or to your partner. Prioritize you and 30 minutes of calm.

Ahhh… “Wow! This inhalation room is so much better than pictures could possibly show! Calming, cozy, relaxing. I didn’t want to leave! The scents, fabrics, lighting, music, and guided meditation…all the details are taken care of, so you can pamper yourself! So refreshed!! Looking forward to next time!”

Kristin, BOL patient

Nicole and Doug share their guided meditation experience in the Inhalation room after an adjustment and acupuncture appointment with Dr. Katie.

Aromatherapy House Blends

Choose from our house blends of essential oils to enhance the outcome of your time in the inhalation room.

Not sure which blend to pick? Our scent station in the reception area gives you a chance to try out each scent to choose the most appealing aroma for you!

scent of the season

breathe ROMANCE

$20 each 30-min session

Celebrate love and sensuality and uplift the emotions with enticing Ylang Ylang and undertones of Sandalwood.

A great experience to unite couples or to give as a gift for someone special.

How it works…

Give yourself or a loved one the gift of self-care.

  • Pick an aroma blend from our menu.
  • Listen to spa music or our curated guided meditations.
  • Relax and take time for you.