Muscle and Soft Tissue Work

Active Release Techniques (ART)®

ART or Active Release Techniques® is a soft tissue technique that feels like a focused, deep tissue massage. We look to find any knots, scar tissue, or adhesions that usually come from previous injuries or repetitive motion traumas like carpal tunnel. This is a very hands-on technique and we will usually ask you to be involved too! We will create tension using our hands and then we will have you move the muscles affected. This lets us break up the knots within the layers of tissue which allows for better range of motion, decreased pain, and better function.

Myofascial Scraping (IASTM)*

Myofascial scraping or Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization (IASTM) is a popular technique for working on scar tissue and knots within muscles. We use a tool to scrape the surface of the skin to help the underlying fascia and connective tissues to release knots and adhesions for better mobility in the muscles. Myofascial scraping can also help with scars that have not healed well.

Dry Needling*

Dry needling targets knots or “trigger points” within the muscles. We use microfilament acupuncture needles to help break up these knots by bringing blood and energy flow to the area. Dry needling helps decrease pain, and improves range of motion.

*A note for your comfort…

For myofascial scraping or dry needling appointments, please be sure to wear clothing that makes the affected areas easy to access. Feel free to bring clothes to change into. We also have gowns available to wear or to use for draping to keep you covered and comfortable.