Specific Adjustments With Lasting Relief For All Ages

The Cause Not the Symptom

Through specific adjustments, we identify and focus our attention on the cause, not the symptom, which turns to lasting relief.

Your Quality of Life

Getting more time with loved ones. Helping to build stronger family connections.

Your Health

You deserve not to miss another activity or outing. Be at your best and stay at your best.

Waiting Room

What You Do Not Deserve

You don’t deserve to be just another number or someone yelling out “next.” You don’t deserve being a patient just to be a patient. You deserve personalized care, where you actually understand what your body needs and how you can listen to it to prevent future ailments. You deserve an expert who solves the cause not the symptom.

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Clear Expectations of Your Care

We all place a lot of demands on our bodies that may cause issues. At BOL, we provide patients of all ages with the knowledge and specific adjustments with lasting relief.

Here is what you can expect by coming to Breath of Life…


The Introduction

After you schedule your appointment, you can relax. We can’t wait to meet you and walk you through everything.

In-Person or via TeleHealth ($-$$)


Establishing Personalized Care

Your personalized session will nurture the connection between you and your health.

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Enjoying Lasting Relief

During your visits, your doctor will provide specific adjustments with lasting relief.

We are an Insurance-Free Practice

This allows us to offer affordable pricing. We also believe that your healthcare shouldn’t be dictated by an insurance provider.

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Our Promise

We Believe An Informed Patient = Loyal Patient

We encourage you to ask questions and give honest feedback; your health and well-being are on the line.

Knowledge/Education is Power

You deserve to know what your body needs, and to know how and when you need to respond to it.

Build the connection of your mind and body

Your emotional well-being directly contributes to your physical well-being.

Our why…

“I found myself denying or just pushing off ailments, but really I was just further damaging and coping with discomfort. By ignoring the issues, I found myself deflecting anger and frustration to those around me. My time with both doctors has really opened my eyes to my total health and well-being. My days as a father, husband, and employee are far more enjoyable,” Dan, 33-years-old.

“I have had chronic migraines for over three years. I tried everything and nothing seemed to work. Until I came into Breath of Life to see Dr. McCauley. I have been seeing Dr. McCauley for a few months now and I am so happy to say that I haven’t had a migraine in over a month. Since coming to BOL, I have scheduled appointments for my daughter, husband, mom, dad, and 91-year-old grandma who have all gotten care from BOL,” Deneé, 40-years-old.

“My emotional well-being and the knowledge I have learned in being a practice member are invaluable.”

“Dr. Katie is a caring chiropractor who takes the time to listen and wants to help you achieve whole health, while focusing on your desires and not just her treatment plan for you.”

Breath of Life Weekly Newsletter

We care. We Listen. We take the time for you.

Our focus is on the cause, not the symptoms. We will talk through the low force techniques and solutions for you to live the best life.

Our mission is to provide you and your family with information about health & wellness techniques, and tips & tricks.