Computerized Electrodermal Stress Analysis

Computerized Electrodermal Stress Analysis (CSA) is used to conduct a comprehensive evaluation of a person’s energetic health and balance. This process involves measuring electrical conductivity at responsive points (acupuncture/meridian points) on the skin – typically on the hands. These measurements are recorded to help provide a profile of a patient’s present condition. The CSA system provides a completely non-invasive method for gaining valuable information about the body’s vital functions. The primary objective of this procedure is to disclose unique patterns of stress and to provide individualized feedback for use in a program to help restore each system and meridian to an appropriate balance.

Initial CSA Visit

Your first visit will include a comprehensive consultation and history, and your initial computerized electrodermal stress analysis (CSA). The CSA is used to evaluate body system balance. You will receive a report of the CSA findings including the ideal combination of care specific to you and your body’s needs.

One unique feature of our CSA system is prioritization. The CSA evaluates each body system and helps identify specific health issues that you may be experiencing. While this is helpful, it also prioritizes the most important problems to be addressed. This means that you may come in for an issue like allergies, but the CSA system may show that your body needs to work on a higher priority issue like parasites. Frequently the higher priority issues are contributing to other lower priority issues. It becomes a domino effect of resolving health issues in your body with the most natural means available.


During a CSA visit, we will test your body to see what would be helpful in working through balancing out body systems. Sometimes your test will indicate the need for supplements, certain kinds of care, or diet and lifestyle recommendations. Any supplements indicated are available to purchase from our office, or are readily available at a natural health food store. The supplements we sell are herbal, homeopathic remedies, as well as a few vitamin products.

Follow-Up CSA

Follow-up CSA visits include an update of your history, your comprehensive computerized electrodermal stress analysis (CSA) to evaluate body system balance, and a report on the ideal combination of care just for you. On your follow-up visits, you can compare your results to previous visits to see how your body is adapting!

CSA Spot Check

A CSA Spot check allows us to quickly assess body systems with a narrow focus in order to answer questions you may have about your body and health.