Enhancing the quality of life is not just for adults. At Breath of Life, we provide services and adjustments with lasting relief for all ages.

What is a Pediatric Diplomat?

Dr Nicole working with a child A Pediatric Diplomate holds a certification and specialization in pediatric care. As experts in their field, Diplomates receive over 400 extra hours of training and are the most qualified to serve children. Dr. McCauley is a registered Diplomate with the ICPA (International Chiropractic Pediatric Association) and the only one within at least 250 of the Springfield area. She is the leader in Ozarks pediatric chiropractic care.

At what age should I bring my child in to be seen?

It is never too soon or too late for care! Dr. McCauley works with families from preconception, conception, pregnancy, labor, and delivery, all the way through to adulthood. 

What signs should I recognize in my child?

Every child is a unique gift and develops at their own pace. Dr. McCauley follows the CDC Milestones Checklist as a guideline in her evaluations. Many parents bring their children to Breath of Life for challenges with nursing, constipation, colic, insomnia, crawling, growing pains, falls, learning disabilities, ADD/ADHD, Autism, sensory processing disorder, and more. The brain and body communicate through the nervous system so if there is interference along that path, symptoms will occur, and/or development will no longer be on target for growth.

My child has “common” ailments can a chiropractor help?

“Common” does not mean “normal”. It is common for the body to express health through coughs, fevers, sneezing, throwing up, diarrhea, etc. A healthy body is in constant surveillance for pathogens and when detected, the healthy body will remove them as quickly as possible. An unhealthy body will assimilate those pathogens and may have little to no noticeable symptoms. Either way, chiropractic care will help a healthy body speed up its healing process while an unhealthy body will return as quickly as possible to a state of health. 

Whether it’s bumps and bruises or a fever, the body will heal more quickly when the nervous system communication is restored.

I still have questions, can I talk to someone? 

Absolutely, we offer a complimentary consultation to see if we can be a fit for you and your family’s needs.