Dr. Nicole McCauley of Breath of Life Family Chiropractic & Acupuncture is the only Chiropractic Diplomate (board certified) doctor within 250 miles of Springfield, Missouri. Her patients will travel hours just to see her.

Knowing who can see my child…

Dr Nicole working with a child Finding someone you can trust. Someone who will take the time to listen and care. Right fit for the child, not just the parent, someone who understands and likes children. A place where your child feels safe, valued and wants to come. Having no idea where to start. Not wanting to automatically put my child on medication, wanting a different solution or alternatives. Finding out who can help me with my child as fast as possible to receive the best outcome. (Could be resolving their immediate issue or creating better quality of life.) Money and location can be a problem, but both you and I know that no matter how far or how much it costs, you will do whatever it takes to provide your child with the best.

What may you and your child experience before, during, and after care?

During your appointment you will…

Each appointment starts with a complimentary phone/video consultation with the parent before meeting the child at the first visit and we will be glad to consult with an older child upon request in the same way before their first visit.

We then acquire a detailed history of the child, followed by (child-led) examination and adjustment. Directions for follow-up, at-home care, and referrals as needed. A follow-up visit will be set before the appointment is over, for within the next week to determine if we are a good fit and helping your child. At that time we will solidify your plan for success.    

You can expect a step-by-step process where you the parens won’t have to make a decision after a decision. We make it easy for you to receive the right care for your child. We will work at your child’s pace. We offer diaper changing and nursing amenities. We honor and support your decisions. All of our parents become a part of a unique community of like-minded parents who want the best for their children (your CIRCLE).

You deserve someone to take you seriously and care for your child like they were their own. Take your first step, book your appointment now.