Why Get Adjusted?

Chiropractic is the science, art, and philosophy of caring for the body by correcting misalignments and removing nerve interference.

As we go about our lives, many things can get in the way of our bodies feeling their best. We categorize these things into “the 3 Ts”: Thoughts, Toxins, and Traumas.

Thoughts: Mental/Emotional Stressors

From stress at home or work to not getting enough sleep, mental and emotional stressors are all around us. Our body’s ability to adapt well to these various stressors helps keep not only our mental health in check, but also our physical health! At Breath of Life, we help you find the root of the problem. As we better adapt to our mental and emotional worlds, our joints and our muscles can relax and do what they were meant to do – keep us moving and keep us strong. Managing your mental health with exercise, meditation, counseling, healthy relationships, and spiritual practices helps your body feel better too.

Toxins: Chemical Stressors

Toxins come in many forms – some are avoidable, and some are very difficult to avoid. Avoiding synthetic fragrances, toxic fumes, and heavy pollution impacts our body and the ability of our nervous system to function well. Sometimes we can avoid these things, and sometimes we cannot. What we consume in food and beverages is an area over which we have control! Feeding our bodies well and getting foods heavy in nutrition makes a big impact on how your body feels.

Trauma: Mechanical Stressors

When we talk about trauma in this sense, we mean anything that causes mechanical stress on your body. This can be big things like a car accident, sports injury, or lifting something wrong. It can also be seemingly small things like posture, sleep positions, and carrying around excess weight. In whatever form they come, mechanical traumas are hard on our body. They can be the cause of misalignments in our spinal bones and muscle tension that leaves us feeling pain. The best thing we can do to manage our mechanical stressors is to maintain a healthy weight, get regular exercise, and be intentional about using good biomechanics in all activities (sitting, standing, sleeping, exercising, gardening, lifting, etc.).

The Solution – Chiropractic

We all do our best to manage the 3 T’s listed above, but for most of us we have more stressors than our bodies can easily adapt to. So, what do we do about it? Get adjusted! Chiropractic adjustments offer a safe and effective solution to the dysfunction and pain that we experience.