A SMART health plan is more important than any diet or exercise routine, it is a list of strategies that come together to achieve your goal(s). However, there is a key ingredient.

SMART Strategies
S=Specific M=Measurable A=Attainable R=Relevant T=Time-Based 

Take these principles into consideration when creating your health plan. This approach can be tailored to any lifestyle and or any aspect of your life.

What does it mean to be specific when creating a health plan? 
You should have a general idea of what you would like to achieve. What does winning look like to you, not what you saw on Pinterest or Instagram? Remember, that it takes a single step to complete or win a race.

How can a strategy be measurable in a health plan?
Everything we do has a result or an outcome, we determine whether or not it is the result we want or don’t want. Some goals can be measured by a number (weight, waistline, etc.) and others can be measured by our energy for the day or our happiness.

What does an attainable health plan strategy mean?
Health plans may fail because we don’t see the immediate result. While it is important to set goals it is just as important if not more important to set attainable milestones or small reachable goals that may work towards a bigger goal, in the end, remember one step at a time.

How can a strategy be relevant?
When we talk about relevant strategies we are talking about goals that are in the here and now. It is nice to have big goals that will take a considerable amount of time but it is best for our mental capacity to have goals and strategies that are achievable in the short-term.

Why do you need time-based strategies for a health plan?
Set realistic and achievable goals that are married to time so that you know you are working towards is achievable and attainable in a realistic but timely manner.

What is the “key-ingredient?”
The key-ingredient is the holistic approach to change. Many of the DIY health plans miss this approach. We have to know exactly what our bodies are telling us during these times of change.

At Breathe of Life, our approach is exactly that, we listen to the body. We know that if one area is not in alignment the rest of the body is overworking to compensate for that miscue.

Your time at BOL is met with SMART strategies. We listen to you and what your body needs to be at its best. We co-create a plan for every patient to help them live the best life possible. We do not create plans for the masses we create plans for the individual. 

We would love to share this process with you. If you would like to set up a casual phone call to learn about Breathe of Life we would be happy to hear from you.

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