We understand that sometimes it may seem too difficult or even impossible to break through the pressures of staying healthy. But, there is a shining light at the end of the tunnel. There is so much going on right now and it important that we take the time to invest in our own health and well-being.

During this time, we want to ensure that we are able to provide care to our patients when they need it the most without compromising their time, health and well-being. We are starting a new program for our acupuncture patients, both new and current.

We will be providing a drive-thru acupuncture visit.

We want to be as transparent as possible, please review some basic questions about these visits:

What is “Drive-Thru Acupuncture?” Drive-Thru Acupuncture is a convenient way to impact the energy channels in our body by using one or more semi-permanent needles. These are inserted in the ear and can help with various health concerns.

What is a semi-permanent needle? These needles are “semi-permanent” meaning that they are designed to stay in your ear anywhere from three days to three weeks.

Is it safe? Is it sterile? The semi-permanent needles used are very small and are packaged individually in a sterile, one-time-use package.

Does it hurt? Semi-permanent needles tend to sting more than other forms of full-body acupuncture and the process is, therefore, less relaxing. This is the quick version and most people do experience pain upon insertion. This pain usually dissipates very quickly. About half of users experience continued tenderness if they press on the spot where the semi-permanent needle has been inserted. If you are a side-sleeper, you may choose to use the ear on the side on which you less frequently sleep. Many people find that the tenderness goes away almost immediately, or they are able to easily manage and maneuver pillows to keep from pushing directly on the spot.

Will you be able to see the needle? Does it look like a piercing? The needle is very tiny, but you can see it (with the right angles and mirrors on yourself). We put a sticker over the needle to help the needle stay in place.

What if it falls out? The needles are designed to be in your ear for as long as your body needs them. For some people, this means that the needle will be in place for as short as a few days. For most, the needle will stay in for about 2 weeks on its own. We put a small, latex-free sticker over the needle to help it keep in place. The more water, shampoo, and other products get onto the sticker, the quicker it will lose its stickiness and want to come out. This sticker is a beige color, so it blends in similar to an adhesive bandage.

What if the sticker falls out and the needle is still in? After the sticker falls off (or is pulled off), the needle is more likely to fall out on its own. We call these needles “no muss, no fuss” because they will come out on their own when your body is ready.

What if it stays in too long? If the needle has not fallen out on its own in 2-3 weeks, one of our providers will check the insertion point. The needle will either be pulled, or the location sanitized and a bandage applied again.

What are the risks? There is a small amount of pain involved in using “Drive-Thru Acupuncture.” Most patients feel that the pain is minimal enough, and the effect is great enough to make the risk worth it. There is a small risk for infection at the site of needle insertion. This is mitigated by using an alcohol swab to clean the site and checking on the needle if it stays three weeks. If you notice increasing pain, redness, or swelling of the site, please contact your provider.

What are the benefits? Acupuncture can help with a great number of health conditions. Right now, we are focusing on three main health concerns:  Pick from:
BOOST to give your immune system a helping hand
CHILL to ease anxiety and stress-related symptoms
BREATHE to support respiratory function.

How much does it cost? One needle for a Drive-Thru Acupuncture session is $35. Each additional needle is $20.

How long does it take? The actual insertion of the needle is very quick, less than five minutes for the whole thing. We can have you literally “drive-thru” to have this service performed. Please call our office when you arrive to let us know you’re here. We will do our best to get you in and out as quickly as possible based on our providers’ schedules. Depending on which ear we need to use, you may be asked to put your car in park, and step out of the vehicle briefly.

If you are experiencing a cough/fever, you may cancel your appointment with no cancellation fee. The doctors will provide a referral form for testing to any patient fitting the criteria for a virus.

We thank you for your dedication to your health and well-being and for choosing Breath of Life Wellness Center. 

Our dedication is to provide services and care to improve your daily active living.