We elevate mind and body to live your best life.

While there are currently no known treatments for COVID-19 at this time. Our best offense is an impeccable defense. BOL is committed to doing our part to “flatten the curve” by following the CDC Public Health Guidelines.

Our dedication is to provide services and care to improve your daily active living.

Our staff will be practicing extreme sanitary measures within our office to ensure BOL is a safe and sanitary place for you and your family. The precautionary measures we will be taking are as follows:

  • Cleaning tables and surfaces between each patient
  • Spacing out our patient appointments to minimize contact with other tenant’s patients and allowing time for your doctor to create your next appointment within the adjusting/acupuncture room and prep the room for the next patient 
  • All staff will be wearing eyewear, masks, and gloves. These are for your protection from any possible secretions from us. Masks are not designed to keep you from getting the virus from someone else, they simply protect others from receiving it from you should you be a carrier or contagious.
  • Public toys will not be available during this time, so you are encouraged to bring your child’s favorite toy.
  • Patients are advised to call from the parking lot upon arrival and will be notified by Alexis when the doctor is ready for them. This avoids time in the waiting room.
  • We recommend utilizing the credit card you have on file whenever possible. If you do not retain a credit card on file, you may read off your number to the person taking your payment. If planning to use a check, you are encouraged to have it previously filled out, or if you need a pen, please use one of our complimentary pens and take it with you.
  • Patients will enter through the usual entry and will be asked to leave via the other door in the waiting room
  • CSA patients are asked to submit hair and saliva samples in ziplock baggies and a digital meeting will be created to go over your test with Dr. McCauley and get your questions answered
  • Sanitizer stations will be available in each room 
  • Free samples of Juice Plus+ gummies and EmergenC will be available to help increase the benefits of immune system boosting produce 
  • Thieves oil will be diffused in care rooms (this may be turned off during your visit at your request)
  • Delivery services will be asked to leave all deliveries outside the front door
  • If our patients would like more one on one time with the doctor that we will do free video/phone consultations with them as we will not have as much time to chat in the appointment due to cleaning surfaces and scheduling, etc.
  • You may call and read your payment information to us if you do not have one on file

Remember a good offense to this virus is building a good defense. We are dedicated to the safety and well-being of our patients and their loved ones. 

If you are experiencing a cough/fever, you may cancel your appointment with no cancellation fee. The doctors will provide a referral form for testing to any patient fitting the criteria for COVID-19.

We thank you for your dedication to your health and well-being and for choosing Breath of Life Wellness Center.